Authorised Suppliers of Biocidal Silver and Copper

Regulation EU/528/2012 not only requires the authorisation of biocidal active substances but also the biocidal products made from the active substance(s).

The active substances are now being reviewed by the Competent Authorities across the Territory of the BPR. The authorisation process is being financed by industry consortia, or Task Forces.

Since 1 September 2015, to ensure fair treatment of all companies in the EU market, all parties who wish to place biocides on the market or use them must either participate directly in the Review process, either by joining the Task Force relevant to their biocides or purchasing access to the Data being used in the Review, or must source their active substances from Authorised Suppliers who are contributing to these review costs. All such suppliers are recorded in ECHA’s “Article 95 List” which is updated periodically. The most up to date version may be found by following the link to the ECHA website here.